“Earth to Emily! Come in, Emily!”

(The illustrations in tonight’s blog were drawn by my six year old daughter. This only kinda-sorta worked because she took some creative license with the drawings.)


The other day, I was driving to Fort Wayne to visit my aunt and uncle. I was talking on the phone to a close friend and highly engaged in the conversation. About an hour into the drive, I noticed a sign. It said something to the effect of, “Next three exits– West Lafayette.”

“Um, I have to go,” I said, trying to act like I wasn’t about to swear loudly. “You’re never going to guess what I just did. Or maybe you will, since you know me. I accidentally got on I-65 instead of I-69.”

My friend and I died laughing, but two hours later, I wasn’t laughing anymore, because I was still driving, all the while thinking, “I should be there by now.”

For the last twenty years I’ve been telling people I can’t multitask, so I’m not sure why I still try.

I have klutz-like tendencies. I can’t do two things at once. I sometimes can’t even talk and walk, especially if there are a lot of interesting things going on around me. I’ve been known to bump into signs.


While at the grocery store, I have been so immersed in examining fresh produce that I have actually put food into a cart THAT WAS NOT MINE and walked away with it.


(The above drawing is one in which my daughter took creative license, by including herself in the picture. She has never actually been with me when I’ve done this.)

One time I did this, and didn’t realize I had someone else’s cart until probably a good ten minutes later when I looked down and saw someone else’s purse in it. I found the owner of the purse talking to a manager, explaining to him that someone stole her purse/cart.

“Hey, is this your purse and cart? I’m such a dork! I wasn’t paying attention at all, and thought it was mine! I’m so sorry!” I said, talking a mile a minute and then running away as fast as I could before they had time to decide that I was a thief and arrest me.

On two separate occasions I have been at the laundromat and realized I had forgotten to add laundry detergent to a load. I panicked and ran over to the load, opened it up, poured the soap in, only to look up and see someone standing next to me, glaring. I then realized I had just added soap to someone else’s load of laundry–that was already on the spin cycle.


You can’t even apologize your way out of that one. You just have to give the people you pissed off money.

There are a lot of other examples of how my inability to pay attention to my surroundings has caused problems for me in my life, but since this is a blog and not a 2,000 page book, I will stop with the three aforementioned examples.

Maybe if I slow down, get out of my head, look around me, and close my mouth, these occurrences would stop happening. Or maybe I just need Ritalin or something–I don’t know. Or maybe I just need to tell you about the meatballs I made tonight.

I had been wanting to try this recipe for quite some time, and I’m SO glad I did. It is from @healthy_italian on Instagram.




The recipe itself is only for meatballs. You could also add marinara and spaghetti squash as the picture suggests. I decided to do that, because I thought it sounded good–and it was!

Here is my pic, before I added the marinara. My picture isn’t as pretty as the Instagram chick’s, but I’m not all about that #letmetakebeautifulphotosofmyfood life. I am, however, about that #getthisfoodinmybellynow life.


Oh and here’s a random photo of my two cats. Just because they are in front of my face at the moment.


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