The Gym Interviews

I thought it would be an interesting case study to interview some of the people who work out in my gym. I asked my friend, Janet, to join in the process.

Before I proceed any further, I must confess I have been “sitting on” this footage for awhile. I just wasn’t sure if it was funny enough to post. But now that I have had a glass of wine to drink, I’ve been watching these outtakes and they suddenly seem slightly amusing.

So you may want to have a glass of wine before proceeding.

It was really hard to convince females to be interviewed on video. I was particularly obsessed with getting a video interview with a Vietnamese woman in her seventies who runs on the treadmill. She made it clear through her use of brash hand movements that she was deathly afraid of being videotaped.

However, a female named Mary acquiesced, and opened up to us about using the awkward “thigh machine.”

And then we totally interrupted/annoyed a guy doing some core exercise. He also admitted to working out his ears. (The word “ears” is not a typo.)

Then I interrogated this young man about celebrities:

And this guy who works at the gym spoke to us about Polo and buddy workouts.

Last but not least, there are two out-takes of this guy. I won’t say anything further. The visor says it all.

Special thanks to my dear friend, Janet, for doing this with me. She is the shining star in all of these clips.


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