The Problem with Cats, Part 1

A friend of mine took in a stray cat a year and a half ago. This cat ended up being preggo. They were looking for someone to adopt the kittens. I decided to get one for my daughter’s birthday.

When I went to pick one out, all of the kittens were so cute. Just absolutely adorbs. I’m not even a “cat person,” but these playful, affectionate kittens were irresistible in the same way that I find certain food items. Like you know those miniature, overpriced “tarts” in the dessert case at Whole Foods? You can’t purchase just one, because they’re so cute and little–just like these kittens.

So I left with two.


These tiny felines were delightfully endearing. We enjoyed observing their playful kitten games. They played with boxes and would scamper around the house. My daughter cuddled them at night. It was official. We were in love with them.

I took them in to get their first series of shots. It was then that I realized I didn’t know much about cats.

“Soooo, since they are brother and sister, do I need to worry about them, you know, ‘getting it on?’ They wouldn’t actually, um….have sex with each other would they?” I innocuously asked the vet tech.

“Ma’am, these are animals. They don’t know they are brother and sister.”


(I’m not dumb. I swear. I just knew nothing about cats.)

Time went on, and we got them spayed and neutered. (More on that in Part 2 tomorrow.)

But, sometime around the nine month mark, I looked up at the kittens and realized they weren’t kittens anymore. And they weren’t so cute either. In fact, they were kind of annoying. They kept knocking over glasses of water. They clawed up my couch. I never had LIKED cleaning out the litter box by any means, but they pooped way too much for my comfort level. The cute way that the male cat used to lick my face at night was now making me mad. Many of their previously valued qualities just became somewhat irritating.

I guess this is kind of the nature of what happens in many relationships–friendships, family, and in romantic relationships, too, of course. As time goes by, you sometimes feel irritated with your loved ones.

But you choose to accept them.
You just make the choice, because that’s what love is, after all–a choice, not a feeling. We can’t change people, but we can change ourselves and our responses to them.

Feelings are still important, though. I feel like giving you a recipe for a pudding cake. Do you know what a pudding cake is? It’s probably one of the few cakes that you have all the necessary ingredients in your house for already. This is my favorite pudding cake recipe.

It’s from Darlene, my mom’s cousin, and it’s listed in an old church cookbook. I use butter instead of margarine–just personal preference.


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