Things I will Never Do Solo

When I got divorced, well-intentioned friends and family members told me that I needed to get used to “being alone.”

“You need to go to the movies by yourself,” some of them said.

“Why?” I asked. “I don’t even go to the movies. Like I’m not even a person who does that with friends. I just watch Netflix and stuff.”

“Well, then go out to eat by yourself,” they said.

“Why? Just so I can say I did it? Just because you think I need to?” I thought that was kinda dumb. But maybe I just wasn’t ready to eat alone in a restaurant. Maybe I needed a little more time to face the fact that I no longer had a life partner.  Or maybe I just didn’t like people telling me what to do.

I did it eventually of course, and didn’t necessarily feel weird.  I don’t know how I felt…bored, perhaps, but the experience didn’t feel like a life defining moment or anything.

(Now the first time I went to a wine bar by myself WAS a defining moment, but that’s not what this blog entry is about. And besides, my parents read this.)

So I’m now accustomed to eating alone, going on walks alone, and having other solo adventures. However…there are still some activities that I will NEVER do solo. In no particular order, these include the following:

1. Go miniature golfing.


I mean, that’s not fun.

2. Go to a Haunted House or Haunted Manor or whatever those Halloween places are called.


That’s just awkward.

3. Go to a county or state fair.


(I don’t like that I just used the wording, “that that” in the drawing. But, I don’t have time to fix it at the moment. #30daybloggingchallengeproblemas)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing any of the aforementioned activities solo. In fact, if you enjoy playing miniature golf solo–more power to you! It just wouldn’t be my personal cup of tea. That’s because those experiences are one hundred million times more fun for me when I’m in the company of friends or family. They are all “shared experiences” for me–activities that are much more enjoyable when shared with someone else.

And while I’ve become accustomed to doing many things alone, there are some things I just don’t like doing by myself. Like baking cookies. I think it’s much more fun to bake with my daughter.

I have a very unhealthy recipe for you. Please close your eyes now if you are afraid of Crisco.

This recipe, in fact, was taken from the back of a butter flavored Crisco tub. I have to thank my friend, Karla, for introducing me to it.



Please disregard the “nutritional information” above. Everyone knows cookies are not a nutritious food.


Make these. Get the butter flavored Crisco–don’t substitute. Oh, and if you let the dough chill, they are even more scrumptious.

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