I did it!!

This is post number 30, which means I have officially completed the 30 day blogging challenge!

I learned that I enjoy writing everyday. So, I will definitely continue the blog. I also learned that it is really, really hard to write every day. There were some days where my schedule or illness or life events got in the way of the process. During those moments, I contemplated posting something like a photo, just so I could say to myself that I posted that day, but decided that wasn’t really in alignment with the blogging challenge, as the whole point of this was to get me to write. So I just didn’t post on those days. (Sorry about that, creator of 30 day blogging challenge, whoever-you-are.)

I also learned what it felt like to make myself vulnerable. I believe that the only path to creativity is through vulnerability, so I told myself I needed to write about my life–even though it sometimes felt weird to open up like that. There were times I would post something, then power off my iPad and go to sleep. Upon waking, I reread what I wrote and thought, “What was I thinking?” or “Oh, that’s not even close to good writing,” or “Oh crap, there’s another typo.” But the toothpaste was already out of the tube, so to speak. And you can’t put that toothpaste back in.

(However, there’s never been a post that I’ve written that I didn’t go back and edit at some point. I almost always found mistakes I needed to change the next day. That bugged me.)

And here’s the other tricky thing. WordPress has this thing called stats, which are a blessing and a curse. I really tried not to look at my stats. In fact, I don’t think I knew they were there until WordPress sent me a notification to check them.

I’m already a research nerd to begin with. So the fact that WordPress was giving me graphs of how many visitors I had to my blog daily caused me to analyze which pieces of writing were deemed more interesting than others…which is a slippery slope that can slide one into a state of discontent.

I had to hit the pause button on the tapes in my head, and remember the reason I had started this blog in the first place–which was to get myself back into writing. I had to remember that I was writing not for others’ affirmation, but rather as a creative outlet to share with others.

Dita Von Teese once said, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody that hates peaches.” (I can’t believe I just quoted Dita Von Teese, but anyways…) Miss Von Teese must be smart because that quote is the gosh darn truth. I’ve learned that lesson from job interviews, dating, and just about any situation where I have put myself ‘out there’ so to speak. I have been myself, but I didn’t win first place–whether it was a job I thought I wanted, or a relationship I thought I wanted, or a grant that I applied for.

So you might as well just be yourself anyways, since there will always be someone who doesn’t like you and it may not even have anything to do with you. He or she just might not like peaches.

And I wanted to find my recipe for peach pie, but I can’t find it, so my recipe for strawberry pie will have to do. I highly recommend making one’s own crust, but if you aren’t about that “make your own crust” life, it’s okay, just buy premade.

STRAWBERRY PIE–from my mom

1 c sugar
1 c water
2 T cornstarch

Cook until thick and then add
3 T strawberry jello

Stir to dissolve and cool.

Stir in
1 quart of strawberries
(washed and quartered)

Chill until set and serve with
whipped cream/Cool Whip

(I always found that 1 quart of berries was
more than would fill a pie crust.)

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