My Personal Life in Graphs

I enjoy data collection. But even more than data collection, I enjoy analyzing data. I like to triangulate it, graph it, and utilize it to make decisions.

Over the years, I have learned how to use data effectively in my career as an educator. I have learned how to collect multiple data points, assess my students frequently, and use the data to drive my instruction.

However it is only recently that I have contemplated collecting and graphing data that is of a different nature–data centered around my personal life.

I decided to collect some data this weekend, and here are some graphs that reflect the aforementioned data. I’m hoping these graphs will help me make some decisions.

Graph number one:


Conclusions and Next Steps:
I need to have more fun. I may need to also get tested for ADD.

Graph number two:


Conclusions and Next Steps:
I conclude that I am thinking not-so-nice thoughts…otherwise I wouldn’t be afraid of people reading my mind. And this graph doesn’t even mention my phobia that my house is being wiretapped. I will focus on being a better person and thinking nicer thoughts.

Graph number three:


Conclusions and Next Steps:
First of all, I screwed this graph title up, but I’m too tired to fix it. It should read, “My Intolerance for Malarky, Nonsense, and B.S.” Second of all, this is a tough one to analyze. I’ll have to get back to you.

Graph number four:


Conclusions and Next Steps:
I will declaw my cats so they stop destroying my crap and annoying me. I will research how to be a more loving cat owner and work on not cussing them out.

Whew. That self reflection was exhausting. Now it’s time for some cake.

This recipe is for Lady Bird Johnson’s lemon bundt cake. I used to make this frequently when I was married. I don’t make it as often anymore, because if I did I would eat the whole thing.


Lady Bird can bake.

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