🎵These are a few of my favorite memes…🎵

My friends and I have an ongoing group text conversation. Part of our ongoing group text conversation includes sending each other memes, funny e-cards, and random pictures from the Internet. I have a gajillion of them saved to my phone now, and they really come in handy. Waiting in line at the post office? No problem, I’ll just look at the memes saved on my phone and pass the time cracking myself up. Waiting for my child to put on her freaking shoes in the morning? No problem, I’ll pull out my phone and ease the tension by laughing at the memes. Waiting to use the Smith Machine at the gym for my squats? No problem, I’ll just take out my phone and start laughing and freak out the people around me enough to make them get off their machines so I can have my turn.

Saving memes (along with other funny Internet images) to your phone can come in quite handy.

Here are a few of my favorites. I give my friends the credit. They know who they are.

(Warning, language not suitable for children)


This one is just… Man, why can’t I think of this stuff?


Because that’s WHO Rick Astley is…




I like this kitty.


This one is a personal fave that no one seems to like except for me:


The struggle is real.


A good old fashioned comic


It’s true, and you know it.


And since we are on the subject, here’s an informative picture…


Tom is a bada$$.


You’ve probably already seen this one, but…


A little sports humor back from when the Spurs beat the Heat…


And those silly salads…


My favorite from last night.


And not really, but it’s fun to think about…


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