What it’s Like to Text with a Six Year Old

My daughter sometimes texts me from her IPod. Here are a few of some of the more intriguing ones I have received:

 A picture of her and a random kid from the laundromat. She makes friends everywhere we go apparently. And she likes the poop emoji. A lot.

My comments are in blue; hers are in white. She likes to take selfies to convey her disgust with me.
The time I made the mistake of asking her to give me a job. It’s a long story. 

From the time she texted me when I was waiting in line to buy donuts at the donut shop. And no, she’s NOT patient.


Apparently you can make funny pics with these body part emojis.  

And speaking of nose picking:


 I guess she was feeling better. 
From the time she was bored in the coffee shop and asking me to think of a game.

And last, but not least, her attempt at body part humor, in which she snapped a picture of me when I wasn’t looking 😖:


To summarize, six year olds’ jokes often consist of body part/bodily function humor. 

And on another note, I was looking through all these texts tonight because she’s with her dad at the moment. And I really miss her. The toughest piece about being a single, divorced parent is that when you are with your child, you’re doing the whole parenting thing by yourself, so you feel a little stressed out. Your child may wear you down A LOT. But the minute he or she leaves to go with the other parent, you miss him or her like crazy. You just keep thinking about her little smile or the way he throws his ball around the house and knocks things over, and then you start to realize that you actually MISS him knocking things over.
And most of all, you realize that he or she is really what’s most important to you in this great, big world.

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