So I have a lot of things I want to say right now because it’s been a thought provoking week. 

But first I want to tell you about Esmeralda.  This is Esmeralda. ⬇️ I just met her a few days ago.

Esmeralda was diagnosed in January with Stage 2, Hodgkins’ Lymphoma.  She had to start chemo right after she received her diagnosis. 

When she found out that she had cancer, she sat down with her twin daughters who are seven years old, and explained her diagnosis to them.  

 “Are you going to die?” one of them asked her. 

“I am not going anywhere,” she told them without hesitation. “We will fight and kick cancer’s butt!”

And everyday she fought that ugly disease. That same disease that had taken the lives of her mother and sister and brother. 

Her older son, who is in his twenties, had difficulty eating and sleeping and begged his mother to not give up. He had seen others die in their family from cancer and was afraid of losing his mama. 

Esmeralda felt fear everyday. Nights and mornings were difficult. When the fear gripped her, she would cry herself to sleep, thinking about the possibility of her children growing up without her. She contemplated missing her little girls’ firsts in life. In the morning, she would cry in the shower, sometimes out of fear, but also sometimes in pure gratitude for receiving another day of life. 

Each day was another day. One day at a time, she focused on making it through THAT DAY.

She went to work, despite the fact she was going to chemotherapy. Esmeralda wanted to show her family that she was strong. She refused to sit in bed and wallow. 

She developed a love/hate relationship with chemo. She loved the fact that it was shrinking her tumor, but hated the awful side effects. 

Esmeralda prayed everyday. She encouraged her children to pray when they were sad or afraid. “Don’t forget to pray! God hears you!” she told them.  She has no doubt that her faith carried her through the darkness of her disease.

And in June, her cancer went into remission, and she completed her last chemo. 

When I asked Esmeralda what she learned from this experience, she said, without hesitation, “With strong faith and a positive attitude, anything is possible in life. The energy you GIVE is what you GET. Wake up (each day) and leave the past and hate behind…Live life…Have love in your heart!”


Wake up.

Have faith.

Thank God for another day.


Esmeralda fought a battle against cancer and won. Each day is a new day. A clean slate. An opportunity to have love in your heart. 

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