Hey, Guys! I Made you Something!

Hi everyone. I just used an app on my seven year old daughter’s IPod, and I made this picture for you:  

Do you like it? I do, and apparently I’m seven years old, because I really enjoyed making it. I even wrote my name in the corner just because I kind of want to look like her. She’s sparkly and beautiful and colorful, and in this moment, I’m none of those things. So, I kind of, like, really want to be her. Actually, let’s just say I am her. I mean–that’s me. Do you like my self portrait?

And then I found an app on her phone where I can dress up a cat and make it wear a tiara. I don’t know why I did this. It just seemed like the logical next step after painting my self portrait. 


And then I discovered a nail painting app. But I could only paint three nails unless I was willing to pay $9.99 to “unlock the app.” I was trying to justify $10, for two nails, but I just couldn’t.   

So that’s kind of what I just spent the last hour on after my daughter went to bed. I guess you could say I’m stressed and not able to sleep so I’m distracting myself. 

I wasted time. It was silly. It was goofy. But I made something. I’m finding that sometimes I need to give myself permission to create. Even if it is dumb on the outside. It’s still energy. It’s still creativity. It’s still movement. 

And I think we all could use a little of that: energy, creativity, forward movement.


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