Vacuuming Up

I am in the process of vacuuming up my life. 

Or perhaps I should say, I’m creating massive vacuums. 

A very smart friend of mine told me about the “vacuum law of prosperity.” At first I thought she was talking about vacuum cleaners creating longer lives, but then I realized she was talking about vacuums of SPACE. Silly me.

What my genius friend explained to me, is that I have space all around me. I have my physical space in my home. I have space in my neighborhood outdoors. And I also have space in my mind. Space in my heart. Space in my spirit. 

There are things I’m working hard to achieve in life right now. But I cannot do that if I do not create vacuums of space so that these things can enter. 

The principle behind this theory is that you cannot receive that which you desire or that which God even wants to give you, if you are holding on to the OLD things. 

Nature is designed to fill vacuums of space. When you walk on the beach, you create footprints, which are eventually washed away and leveled out. If I dig a hole in the ground, nature would eventually fill it. 

In the same way, when I get rid of the clutter in my life, I make room for the right things to come in. God will inevitably fill the vacuum. 

How am I going to do this? Well, first of all, I am cleaning out ALL my closets this weekend. I need space to be zen. Lots of organized, intentional physical space. Room to move. Room to fill with positive things. 

And in my personal life… Well, you can only imagine what this may mean. And I have already been working at this during the course of the last couple of months, but as I’ve become more intentional about being the person I want to be, I have discovered it means letting go of relationships and people who clutter my thoughts and attention. 

If my intention is to have a loving partnership with an honorable person, I must create space for that. I must work at being loving and honorable in my actions with others. And loving does not equal people pleasing. Loving often means truth telling and letting go. 

And…I’m not gonna sugar coat it. This “becoming a better person stuff” is hard work. I said to a friend the other day, “I feel lonely. I’m kinda sad.” As I continued to sort out my feelings, I realized it’s because I’ve been letting go of LOTS of people. And when you let go, it’s scary, because for awhile you WILL feel lonely. You will feel the urge to cling to that person or group of people you used to work at pleasing. 

But you will need to be still. And stillness is scary, but SO worth it. Nobody makes it to the top by producing frenetic energy all the time. Successful people are intentional with their energy and embrace stillness during times of change. They do not go out and start medicating with booze or sex or food. They know when to be still. They pray. They reflect. And then they can respond in love.

So that’s my new mantra: create vacuums, be still, wait, and respond in love. Vacuum, still, wait, love. Vacuum, still, wait, love. 

And let nature and God do its thing while I do me. 

Oh, and this is one of the main reasons I need to make vacuums of space: 

She needs me to be more zen. 

7 thoughts on “Vacuuming Up

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