Snapchat, Ridiculousness, and Bizarre Song Lyrics

Do you know what Snapchat is?

It’s an app that’s probably designed for a younger crowd than me, but I use it because I like to take ridiculous pictures.

For example:

This is my “normal” face:    


This is an altered snapchat face:


You can perhaps see why I would enjoy wasting time sending ridiculous pictures of myself to friends? 

So anyways, my friend Laura sent me a Snapchat the other day that made my day: 

This made me do two things: 

1) Laugh a lot, because it’s hilarious. 

2) Realize how RIDICULOUS some song lyrics are. 

Like seriously. Remember this song? 

NSYNC…do you think God would think one person was more important than another when he created them? For a boy band from the 90s, you sure are controversial. 

And there’s this oldie but goodie: 

I do not want to be THE MEANING in anyone’s life.  Because if I’m the meaning, you will be very bored when I’m out shopping for sandals at TJ Maxx.

And I do not want to be loved like a black widow, baby. 🕷 

You don’t need to go showing your potential love interests that you’re crazy. That crap should only appear after year two of dating.

And then there’s this Bieber song. 

  We seriously don’t even want to go there.  

But Pharrell, on the other hand, promises to be there for me: 

So, now it’s your turn. 

What songs with ridiculous lyrics do you find yourself singing? 

Because I’m fairly certain I’ve only scratched the surface of this topic. 

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