“Well, it depends.”

One of the most bizarre things a mother can experience is that she can birth a child into the world who has a personality completely different than her own.

My mother did just that.

I came into this world, very quickly (my dad barely made it to the hospital in time) and very loudly, according to my father. I was a horrible sleeper (a trait I passed on to my own child) and sensitive and fearful. I was wired for anxiety and phobias and seemed to be driven by my emotions.

From the time I was two years old, up until adulthood, my mother spent a lot of time sagely advising me to slow down. To wait. To be patient. To think. I didn’t like that she was telling me these things, but I mostly listened because something inside of me knew she was speaking wisdom to me.

But the best piece of advice my mother ever gave me of all time was simply two words, or sometimes three, depending on how she framed it:

“It depends.”

That’s right, folks. Two words: IT DEPENDS. Sometimes she added in the extra word, “well,” at the beginning, and in that case, she said:

Well, it depends.”

If I had a dollar for every time my mother said, “It depends,” I would be rolling in the dough. To this day, she says it frequently in response to people making “should” statements that are filled with emotion. The following are a list of statements to which my mother has responded with her adage, “Well, it depends.”

  • Our culture: “Follow your heart.” Mom: “Well, it depends. Sometimes the heart is just a bunch of feelings.”
  • Our culture: “Be fearless.” Mom: “It depends; sometimes fear is there to protect you.”
  • Our culture: “Live your life with no regrets.” Mom: “Well it depends. Sometimes regret can teach us things.”
  • Our culture: “Stand up for what you know is right.” Mom: “Well, it depends. You may not be right and may just be being stubborn.”
  • Our culture: “Take the bull by the horns and act quickly and efficiently.” Mom: “Well, it depends. You can take your time and be efficient as well.”

You see??? IT JUST DEPENDS. That is what I have learned from my mother.

My whole point in sharing how my mother’s phrase has helped me, is because I realize today that it has caused me, despite the fact that I’m wired to be emotional and even anxious, to choose to be OPEN to multiple perspectives. To be OPEN to multiple ways of existing, and feeling and thinking.

And while there are definite moral truths that cannot be argued with when it comes to equality and justice for humanity–no matter who you are, where you live, or what you have done– beyond those universal truths lies the world of “It depends.”

No one has this freaking thing called life figured out. We are all going to make independent judgments based on our experiences. However, there is great comfort in knowing that feelings are just feelings and, as a wise yoga teacher once said, “I am determined to see this mountain as just a mountain. It’s not a statement on my life,” (meaning not everything we perceive as terrible that’s happening to us has anything to do with us).

Pastor Rob Bell says our culture is all treble and no bass. People get their news and develop their thoughts from what they are exposed to on social media. Through the lens of technology, we have begun to believe there are quick answers to everything. In the craziness of all of this, my mom has been my bass, my voice of reason, by asserting that we cannot depend entirely on feelings, or easily swayed by new voices simply because they sound good. It just depends.

I close with a photo of my Mom, telling everyone to chill out, because no one knows what’s going to happen. “It depends,” she probably is saying. ⬇️

4 thoughts on ““Well, it depends.”

  1. I love this and I couldn’t agree more. I am learning so much that all these cliches just don’t apply to every situation. How we respond to situations simply isn’t a one-size fits all approach. I find myself get very frustrated when I’ve been struggling with something for a very long time, and someone shares a simple cliche that is supposed to fix it all, like its something I haven’t heard of before or haven’t tried. The funny thing is that someone will give you a cliche, such as “It happens when you least expect it” and then I give them more information such as “yeah I’ve given up and haven’t been expecting it the last few years.” With a look of shock on their face, they then go back to their arsenal of cliches, pendulum shift to the other side, and select another one, “Oh well then you should really put yourself out there more.” It depends! 🙂

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    • Yes!!!!! I couldn’t agree more. Cliches are just that—-cliches. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they just don’t. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with this. ♥️


  2. Emily,

    Thank you for the blog that focuses on one of my quirks that can be frustrating to others. I remember the many times that Dad has not been happy I haven’t said yes or no. When we read this I reminded him, “Do you remember when you ask me something and you complain that I don’t give you an answer?” Yes, he remembers…. I know it’s true about me and I do think one cannot give a simple answer on many things because “it depends” on many factors. Let’s look at them one by one……it takes longer this way but in the end the direction hopefully is one that brings satisfaction. I do believe it is wise to hang on to “it depends.”

    Thank you again for the blog. I appreciate you as a daughter, my one and only daughter. You are special in many ways.

    Love, Mom

    Bob and Grace Whitehead 1515 W. Havens St. Kokomo, IN 46901 (765)452-1130

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