Bio: I can't draw, but I can deadlift 90 pounds on my good days and bake cakes.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emily! I have read and re-read your blog and I am so impressed! I have the privilege of nominating someone for a Liebster Award and I am wondering if you would accept?
    The rules are:
    -You must have less than 200 followers
    -You get to write a blog post listing me and my blog in the first paragraph saying I nominated you.
    -You list 11 facts about yourself and then answer 11 questions I ask you.
    -You get to then nominate 1-3 of your your peer bloggers and ask them 11 of your own questions.
    Let me know if you accept my nomination and can complete the post in the next few days/week! Thank you!


  2. I came across your blog via Dream Big, Dream Often and I’m so glad I did. Your writing is so uplifting – not because you’re just positive and happy-go-lucky, but because you seem unafraid to write about some pretty vulnerable thoughts and feelings. It’s really refreshing to read and I’m looking forward to reading more!

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