Top Ten Intriguing Photos Found on my Child’s Ipod

I was scrolling through my six year old daughter’s IPod tonight. These were the ten most intriguing photos I found.

1. A skittle that had been chewed and then spit out. Why she wanted to capture this memory escapes me.


2. A picture she created of me on some app. Purple hair is not the most flattering choice, but the thought was nice.


3. The machines she always wants to use, but I will never let her.


4. No idea what this is about, but it appears to be my mom’s handwriting.


5. Her post-it note addiction that she may have acquired from me.


6. From the time we went to the zoo and we were rushing, so she took pictures of the informational signs so that she could read them later on when she had time. #likemotherlikedaughter


7. The night before Halloween she asked me if she could search google for “kids’ Halloween costumes.” For some reason, this one came up. She asked me if she could save the image on her IPod. I was laughing hysterically at the time and acquiesced. Possibly a poor parenting choice, I know.


8. A picture of my parents’ computer screen when they were logging on to online banking. This could have been bad.


9. People I don’t know, playing music. I asked her who they were, and she said, “I don’t know, but my daddy took me to their house.” At least Jesus Christ is watching over them in the background.


10. Memories of our neighborhood walks.